Another busy week in Pride month…

It’s been another busy week of telling the World that trans people are just ordinary people who want to be happy – and it’s done from my home studio in a spare bedroom…

I delivered trans awareness sessions to staff at Coventry City Council, Stonewater (housing association group), Enfield Council and Leicestershire NHS Partnerships Trust.
I was also took part in an extensive panel discussion in India and I was a guest for 2 podcast recordings and an interview on Instagram Live.
I also fitted in a photography job, a hair appointment and a party – yes, a real party with real people! If all that wan’t enough, I had to deal with a leaking water cylinder in my house, resulting in water pouring through my ceiling.
It’s all a bit crazy at the moment (being Pride month), but I’m absolutely loving it! I have another full-on week next week too.
Here is a lovely recommendation on LinkedIn from Maria Hathaway, Financial Controller – Business Partnering at Stonewater:
“Katie held a session with Stonewater, talking about “What it’s like to be transgender? “ and “Tips for being a Trans ally”. Katie’s talk was inspiring, educational and entertaining. She was engaging, honest and her use of humour in her story telling really enabled her to connect well with the audience. The practical tips she gave on how to be a trans ally and also what companies can do to ensure their workforce is trans-inclusive were so helpful and I know that everyone who attended the session felt more informed and better equipped to support colleagues, customers, friends and family members going forward.”
Here are some of the comments that were left in the chat at the end of my session with Coventry City Council:
* Thank you for your honesty and insight Katie. It has helped me to understand far better how I can be a trans ally.
*Thank you so much Katie. Love your sense of humour (smile). I am a Trans ally.
* Amazing
* That was great really enlightening 
* Thank you very much Katie(smile)
* Insightful
* Thank you Katie. Wonderful
* Inspiring
* Thank you, really helpful and interesting
* Thank you Katie, very informative session
* Many thanks, Katie, really inspiring
* Webinar has been fantastic!
* Funny, insightful and very interesting
* Thank you very much Katie, this has been a really engaging and insightful session!
* Excellent session thank you Katie.
* Really helpful and interesting session thank you
* Necessary, informative and important
* Thank you Katie for your honesty and great delivery. It has helped me hugely in my own understanding of the subject.
* Many thanks Katie, very informative.
* A big thank you for the wonderful enlightening session.
* Thank you Katie (smile) the session was very informative (smile)
* Thank you Katie, excellent session.
* Thanks Katie! Very enlightening and informative.
* Fantastic – please make all managers watch the recording and share with their teams.
* Informative- thank you for sharing your story smile
* Well presented. Thank you for being so open and honest with us, very informative
* Thank you Katie for an excellent and informative session. 
* Amazing Katie, hope to hear more from you soon!! X
* Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom smile
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