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If you wish to view the whole journey of my transition and to see how I used to look as Martin (with my terrible dress sense!), please CLICK HERE and view my coming-out video first.  Then work your way back up to the most recent posts using the “My transition” category filter.

Trans and Cis Women Unite!
Katie Neeves
Here’s a little tune for you, to show that trans women and cisgender (non-trans) women can unite and there is no competition between rights. #TransWomenAreWomen #TransRightsAreHumanRights
Trans Pride Brighton
Katie Neeves
I attended the most incredible protest today – Trans Pride Brighton. Most Prides have turned into more of a celebration these days, as LGB people have become widely accepted and gained so many rights over the last fifty years since the first Pride march in London, which was very definitely
Changing a Life, a Standing Ovation & a Protest
Katie Neeves
Changing a life, a standing ovation and a protest at Downing Street.  Welcome to my life! I had two busy days in London this week.  Firstly, I was brought in as an inspirational speaker at Power Up 2022, a coaching event organised by executive coach Kelly Swingler, designed to help
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