I made it to the end of Pride month!


I made it to the end of a mega-busy Pride month!  And what an epic month it was too: I told the story of “My Long Walk to Womanhood”  29 times!

This week was no exception, as I delivered trans inclusion sessions for staff at Made Tech, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Lendlease, Heart of Kent Hospice and the University of Hertfordshire.

Vikki Gill, People and Culture Manager for Made Tech said of my session: “A colleague and myself joined one of The Happiness Index’s webinars on “How to create a safe space for the Trans community” where Katie was on the panel. We enjoyed her inspiring talk and delivery of it so much that we booked her in to speak at Made Tech a few weeks later.

Katie’s story about her journey and ways of educating and encouraging more people to become/be even better allies was so great. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to educate themselves or others on this journey, and how to be a supportive ally.”

Now the rainbow flags have been taken down, here’s a challenge for all organisations which held Pride events to voluntary audiences…  In my experience, when attendance is voluntary, only people who are already supportive tend to turn up, so trainers like me and my colleagues end up preaching to the converted and we don’t reach those who most need to hear our messages.  If you are really serious about creating a trans-inclusive culture within your organisation, trans inclusion training has to be mandatory for all staff, all year round.  Thankfully, many of my lovely clients have realised this and are committed to really making a difference rather than just box-ticking.  So will you make that commitment for your organisation?  If so, I would love to hear from you.

Trans inclusion is for all year round, not just for Pride month.

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