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A lot of publicity happened this week!Following my very public coming-out video in April 2018, my story caught the attention of the local media and I started doing interviews for local radio stations and newspapers. After every interview I was contacted by other transgender people who were struggling with their gender identity and they told me that what I said had helped and encouraged them. I then started doing interviews for national radio, TV, newspapers and magazines as a trans ambassador. Not only am I helping trans people directly, but I am helping to educate the general public about trans issues. The more people who are educated on the subject, the more acceptance there will be and the easier it will be for trans people to come out in the future.

I am on the BBC’s and ITV’s lists of experts, so when they need someone to represent the trans community, they can call me and I will be there. You can see that I am very relaxed in front of the camera or microphone and I am able to explain trans issues very clearly. Most importantly though, I have a great sense of humour so I always has fun with my interviewers as I think it is the key to making the viewers or listeners actually listen to what I has to say.


I co-present a series for BBC Sounds, entitled “Time for some LGBTea“, along with my co-presenters Helen McCarthy and Kevin Ncube, in which we discuss all the loving, moving , intriguing and funny stories from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Here’s a link to the ITV News report that I took part in, about what life is like for trans people in the UK in 2023.…/proud-to-be-me-what-its-like-to…  The video I appear in, is the third one on the page.

This is an interview I did for ITV News which had 20,000 views on Facebook in the first week alone.

An interview with Martin Ballard on BBC Radio Leicester

A really fun live with Kirk Pickstone of Duggystone Radio.   It was a catch-up after he initially interviewed me 3 years ago when out very publicly as being transgender.   We had lots of laughs and I even managed to do a wind-up on him at the end of the interview. I’m so naughty!

Katie Neeves

Trans Ambassador
I am a woman on a mission! But not just any woman and not just any mission…

Being an openly transgender woman and a trans ambassador, I am on a mission to not only show that it’s OK to be trans, but it’s actually cool to be trans too!

Through my media appearances, public speaking engagements, blog, vlog, social media, trans awareness training courses and via support groups, my aim is to reach out to trans people who may be struggling with their gender identity, to reassure them and to lead by example. I want to help educate the general public too. The more people who are educated about trans issues, the greater the acceptance and the easier it will be for trans people to live their lives in peace. Most bigotry and prejudice comes from ignorance and fear of the unknown. Education can and does save lives.

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An interview with Sarah Taylor for “The Queerpreneur Podcast”

An interview with transformational coach Sarah Naylor about my careers as a photographer, filmmaker and trans ambassador.

This was a really fun interview on “The Sofa of Success” with Rachel Hargrave of The Awards People.

This was an in-depth interview with Kirk Pickstone of internet radio station Duggystone Radio. It lasts nearly an hour, so we were able to cover a lot of ground. It was a luxury to have so much airtime as most radio interviews are limited to 10 to 15 minutes and even less for TV.

This was a post interview chat with Ady Dayman of BBC Radio Leicester when I was still living as Martin, just after I came out so publicly. We very quickly established a great rapport and even though we had only just met, we were like two old friends having a chat.

If you are interested in booking me for a media appearance or interview to discuss transgender issues, please CONTACT ME or call me on 07973 638 591.


Katie Neeves

Trans Ambassador

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