Joint Lecture with my GP to Medical Students

I have just had the pleasure of delivering a joint lecture with my GP, Dr Louise Kirk (bottom left) to 30 medical students from the University of Leicester.
The lecture was so desperately needed as these are the GPs of the future and they are not currently trained on how to help trans patients who need to transition. Many UK GPs refuse to refer their trans patents to NHS gender clinics, purely through a lack of education allowing their own prejudice to cloud their judgement. The problem is so acute that a website has been created to list trans-friendly GPs in the UK. There shouldn’t be a need for such a website in 2021, as all GPs should be trans-friendly. I am so lucky that Dr Kirk is so supportive. She has been simply amazing!
The lecture was arranged by medical students Alex Holley (top left) and Meghna Ray (bottom right) after Alex worked with Dr Kirk on her placement and Dr Kirk suggested that she have a chat to me to find out about my transition.
I started the lecture by telling the story of My Long Walk to Womanhood which is the raw, emotional, educational and humorous story of my transgender transition, mixed with explanations of all things trans. Dr Kirk then spoke about how she treated me and of the conflicting advice she received from the various medical bodies. I followed her by giving my top tips for being a trans ally, before we had Q&A session to finish.
This lecture was unique as I have never heard of any trans people presenting a lecture with their GP before. It worked so well and I would love to do it again. I believe all GPs and medical students should attend one of these lectures as their trans patients would benefit greatly from their GP’s increased knowledge and acceptance.
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