Trans awareness session for homeless project


I had the pleasure of delivering a 1.5-hour virtual trans awareness session for Westminster homeless health coordination project Groundswell yesterday. I started by telling the story of my own journey, using plenty of humour and mixed in with lots of education about all things trans. I then gave my top tips for being a trans ally, before finishing with a no-holds barred Q&A.
Their project coordinator Anna Midgley left this recommendation on LinkedIn for me afterwards: “Katie ran an exceptional trans awareness session for homeless services in Westminster. Attendees reported that ‘Katie is a breath of fresh air’ and that ‘her ease and confidence in telling her story made me feel at ease’. Totally recommend Katie in her ability to bring humour and humility to such an important issue, while candidly telling her own story.
Also, here are some of the lovely comments that were left in the chat:
  • “Katie, this was awesome, thank you so much for your candid and open sharing of your story.”
  • “Thank you so much, I found that really quite amazing and has most definitely helped with my understanding”
  • “Thank you so much, Katie. That was fantastic and I am very keen on putting all your tips into practice.”
  • “Thank you so much, I learnt so much from your session today”
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