Trans Awareness Week 2021

Today is the start of Trans Awareness Week 2021. You are likely to see many trans-related posts on social media this week. Please show your allyship by liking, commenting on and sharing any positive posts you see. However, although this week is Trans Awareness Week, trans inclusion is for all year round, not just for one week!

This week, I will be doing the same things that I do all year round, but it’s going to be a busy one… I will be delivering 5 trans awareness sessions, I’ll be speaking on a panel about trans inclusion in the workplace at a national conference, I’ll be filmed in London for an interview about my story and I’ll be attending the exciting relaunch of Trans in the City. My aim (as ever) is to use humour to make my audiences relax about the whole subject and to show that trans people are just ordinary people who want to be happy.

It’s going to be a mega week. Bring it on!

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