Dealing with 800 Hate Messages

I seem to have stirred up a bit of a storm…

My open letter to JK Rowling (calling her out for her stream of transphobic messages) went quite big as it was translated into Spanish and Portuguese and was shared widely all over the World.  It has had over 40,000 views on my Cool2BTrans Facebook page and it has had over 18,000 interactions.  Upworthy ran it on their own site and social media and it was a top-3 trending story there for 5 days.  They have 11 million followers on their Facebook page alone, so it has ben seen by a lot of people.  The down side of it being seen so widely, is that I received around 800 messages of hate as a result.  I knew this would happen and I was expecting it, but I felt so strongly that someone had to stand up to JK Rowling and the hurt she is causing to trans people and their loved ones.  That’s why I wrote the letter.  I received loads of supportive messages too, but the hate messages had to be dealt with.  In this video, I explain how I dealt with them and still came out the other end as a (relatively) sane human being!

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