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I have just had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely Sarah Taylor of Sarah Taylor Coaching for her podcast called “The Queerpreneur Podcast”.  This was such an in-depth interview that it lasted for 1.5 hours!  It is the longest interview I have ever done, but we covered so much ground apart from just the story of my transition.  It is a very educational interview and we also talk about the current and very real threat to trans rights.  After the interview, Sarah told me that she didn’t want to cut any of it out to make it shorter, so she decided to cut it in half and put it out in two parts, so I now feature in two episodes of The Queerpreneur Podcast.  The video of the full interview is above, but if you wish to listen to the two podcast episodes instead, here are the links:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

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