A crazy-busy Pride Month!

What a crazy-busy Pride Month!  June is always my busiest month of the year and this year was no exception…

I delivered many trans awareness sessions and inspirational talks (both virtually and in-person) to organisations from all over the World.  In fact, I managed to speak to staff of one global company to cover the whole World in two days.  On the first day, I spoke to the UK, EMEA, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai and on the second day (late at night), I spoke to the Americas, New Zealand and Australia.

I then had the honour (and great responsibility) of hosting the Queer Student Awards at the O2 Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.  That was so much fun!  I am now officially addicted to event hosting!

Lots of time was spend in BBC radio studios too, as I co-presented a BBC Sounds series called “Time for some LGBTea” along with my fellow co-presenters Helen McCarthy and Kevin Ncube.  We explored all the loving, moving, intriguing and funny stories from the LGBTQIA+ community.  You can listen to are series here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0fypnhs

I delivered one of a series of eight trans awareness sessions for staff at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.  Afterwards, their Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, Robin Cafferata commented, “Just wanted to email and say thanks for the session, we got some great feedback in the comments so thought I’d send it along. It is great how you can so succinctly and thoroughly debunk some of the more touchy topics on sports or conflicts with women’s rights!”  Here are some of those comments…

  •  “I don’t have any questions but just want to say…Wow what an incredible insight that was. You really are AMAZING!! It was such a privilege listening to your journey. With your great sense of humour, it was a real mix of laughter and tearing up  Thanks so much for sharing with us, I will spread the word about how beneficial and special your training is.”
  • “Thank you for such an informative, honest and humorous session. I’ve learned so much, and will be sharing with my team how fantastic the session is”
  • “Thank you so much, i have learnt so much & will be advising other members of my team to come on this course. You have been so honest & forthcoming which is very refreshing, so thank you.”
  • “Absolutely fantastic session. I’ve learned so much.”
  • “Brilliant session. My younger brother is transgender and it’s really helped open my eyes to everything he went through growing up, feeling confused and having the confidence to come out to everyone.”

I even managed to find time to lobby my MP about the very real threat to trans rights and about the toxic misinformation being spouted by politicians and the media.  We even have  a Prime Minister who openly mocks trans people in order to score points over the leader of the opposition.  I did a few media interviews about this too.

In addition to all this, I had to sort out the (not insignificant) sale of my Mum’s house, as she has dementia and is in a care home now.

Phew!  While I managed to cram so much into Pride Month, just remember that trans inclusion is for life, not for just one month.

I now need a lie down in a dark corner!  I have so much sleep to catch up on…

Please CONTACT ME if you would like to discuss any trans awareness training, speaking, hosting or presenting opportunities.

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