3 years since admitting to myself that I am trans

It’s exactly three years today since I very emotionally admitted to myself that I am a transgender woman and that I needed to change my body.  What an incredible three years it has been too!  At the time, the challenge of transition seemed frighteningly huge.  Some of the things I was worried about happened as I have had many losses.  However, many issues I was worried about (such as coming out, being accepted as a woman by friends, neighbours, clients and everyone else I meet) proved to be unfounded as I have been very widely accepted and embraced.  I feel more loved now than I did this time three years ago.

I actually had a photography and video job today – which is a rare thing these days, while Covid-19 is still out of control and the UK is in lockdown.  I had to produce a careers video and take some stills photos for a book on a huge building site.  It was very unglamorous as I was stomping around in the mud with my safety boots and hi-vis coat, over-trousers and hard hat.  I didn’t think twice about doing the job though and putting myself at the mercy of all the builders!  Three years ago, whenever I was in “girl-mode”, I would always wear a dress or a skirt and I would wear heels and full make-up that would take an hour to apply.  I wear very minimal make-up now as let’s face it, who’s got the time to do that every day?!!  If anyone had told me in January 2018, that in three years time that I would so comfortably socially transitioned that I wouldn’t think twice about going onto a building site in clothes that made me look anything but feminine, I would never have believed them.  I think I’ve made some progress.


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