Upstaged by by cat!


UPSTAGED by by cat – twice in 2 days… Zebedee, my cat regularly joins me on the sofa when I have Zoom calls or when I deliver virtual trans awareness talks or training and the last two days were no different. However, on Thursday when I delivered a 1.5-hour talk to staff at LUC environmental planning, design and management consultancy, he had a big coughing fit halfway through which lasted for around 5 minutes and was picked up by my microphone for everyone to hear. I didn’t have the heart to push him off the sofa while the poor thing was coughing. Then yesterday when I was taking part in a panel discussion after I had delivered a 1 hour talk to staff at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, Zebedee decided to upstage me again. This time he climbed onto the back of the sofa and walked along the top so he was directly behind my head, before proceeding to eat my hair! The joys of working from home!

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