My Big Night Out

I have just had a big night out as I went to my first big public event as Katie – Bamboozle Theatre Company’s charity gala evening.  Two days before the event I heard that a spare ticket was available as someone had to pull out at the last minute, so a friend suggested that I should go along.  While I have been out in public many times as Katie and I have been out on my many girls nights out with a small group of friends, I have never been to a public event on this scale before as Katie, so I knew it would take some courage.  In the end I thought I have to do it at some point, so why not just bite the bullet and get on with it, so I put my name down for the spare ticket.  With only two days until the gala evening, I then started to panic about my outfit as I didn’t have any time to buy anything new.  I then had another panic as I was doing my make-up as while I am OK at doing day make-up, I am not very experienced of doing evening make-up and I knew I would be judged on how I looked as this would be the first time that many of my friends would have seen me as Katie.  I was very nervous beforehand, but I needn’t have ben as everyone was so lovely to me and the evening went really well.  I had lots of compliments on my outfit and lots of friends and people who have been following my VLOGs came up to offer me their support.

The only minor panic on the night was during the prize draw as I had put my £20 into an envelope on the table and completed the enclosed form.  I had to put my current legal name (Martin Neeves) as I checked the Gift Aid box and I have not yet changed my name legally.  I started to worry when they made the prize draw publicly and were calling the winners out by name.  I have never not wanted to win a prize more than then as I really wasn’t going to totter up in my heels to collect a prize after they called out my male name!  In the end, my friend Claire’s husband Peter agreed to pretend to be me if my ticket had been drawn.  Luckily though, I didn’t win anyway!

All in all, the evening was a great success and it has given me a lot more confidence.  Katie has well and truly stepped into the light and she’s not going back into the darkness again now.

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