Welcome to my crazy World…

Welcome to my crazy World…
In the last 5 days, I:
  • told the story of My Long Walk to Womanhood to staff at Virgin Media;
  • delivered a virtual trans awareness training for Citrix Systems UK Ltd;
  • was a guest speaker at the Chrysalis Annual Conference 2020;
  • told my story and talking to the Warwickshire Pride Youth Group;
  • was a podcast/ YouTube video guest for Joe Mbe of Diversitas Search;
  • was a podcast guest for Jo Dodds of POWER to be CALM;
  • pre-recorded a virtual conference speech for Inclusion 2020;
  • recorded a future episode for my Cool People series;
  • had video chats with 2 potential clients;
  • had a video chat with a professional rugby player who was asking for LGBTQI+ advice about a business venture;
  • participated in the Circle Club’s Forum;
  • had a technical rehearsal for a public speaking gig; and
  • was asked during one of the interviews “What do you do in your spare time?”.
What spare time?!!!
Following my podcast interview with Jo Dodds, she wrote a LinkedIn recommendation saying, “I recently interviewed Katie for my podcast. It was a masterclass in storytelling! She made my job really easy by sharing her story in such an interesting way; clearly understanding the questions that my audience would have at each stage and responding accordingly. Thanks Katie!” 
After my session with Virgin Media, Kerry Kell, their People Environment Assistant wrote, “I first had the pleasure of listening to Katie’s story back in May 2020 and since then have been on several calls since learning more about her journey. Katie tells it as it is. The great and the really not so great times in her life, all of which have shaped her into the wonderful woman she is. Katie’s story is powerful, emotional yet truly inspiring. I have learned so much how I can support not only trans colleagues but anyone who is in our LGBTQ+ community. I really hope I can continue to be able to work with Katie and being the best trans ally I can be for anyone needing support on their journey.”
Here are some of the lovely comments that were made during my session for Citrix Systems UK Ltd:
  • “Thank you so much for sharing your Story, Katie. This session was so helpful and educational. The story you have shared helps me further these conversations with friends and family. Some of the stats on suicide attempts are shocking and shows the work that needs to be done. Thanks again for taking the time to educate us.”
  • “I love that! “don’t be sad for us, be happy for us because we are living our authentic life!!””
  • “Brilliant journey Katie! Thanks for sharing.”
  • “You’ve been brilliant”
  • “For a trans person just a simple task as using the toilet can be terrifying. In the UK we do have a real problem with toilets etc.”
  • “Katie thank you very much, I learned so much and you are an inspiration, wish you all the best.”
When I reluctantly and emotionally admitted to myself that I am a transgender woman on 11th January 2018, I thought my World had ended. Little did I know that my World was opening up and that it was actually the start of my best life. My life may be ridiculously busy, but I am absolutely loving it! x
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