Transgender Athletes in Competitive Sport

Over the last year since coming out very publicly as being trans, I have met some inspirational and amazing people.  Yesterday was no exception as I was fortunate enough to meet Joanna Harper who is a World expert on trans athletes in competitive sport.  Being a scientist and long distance runner, she started studying the subject and gathering data when she noticed her run times extending significantly only a few weeks after starting on hormone therapy for her transition 15 years ago.   She has written many papers on the subject and is an advisor to the International Olympics Committee.  She is is in high demand for media interviews, so I was honoured when she (a) agreed to meet me and (b) agreed to film this VLOG with me.  It was fascinating talking to Joanna and what she has to say blows out of the water the arguments that athletes such as Sharon Davies and Martina Navratilova have made when saying that trans female athletes should not compete with cis female athletes.  I hope you find this video informative.
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