Trans women could be banned from female-only spaces under proposed law change

This Government proposal from the “Equalities” Minister is abhorrent, discriminatory and completely unenforceable. After-all, when did you last have to show your birth certificate before going to the loo? It would have been meaningless even if that were to ever happen, as birth certificates are not valid forms of ID. Anyone can obtain anyone else’s birth certificate. Also, what about trans women who have a gender Recognition Certificate and who therefore have a new birth certificate? This proposed law would stop them for using the ladies loo too. But how would anyone know what someone’s original birth certificate said, anyway? So would it be based on the appearance of your genitalia then? Is Kemi Badenoch really proposing to have ladies loo enforcement officers checking the genitalia of all women entering the loos? Get real! That obviously wouldn’t work for post-op trans women either.

Ultimately, it would just boil down to how traditionally female-looking a person is, but all that would do would be to encourage more hate crimes against women who have a more masculine appearance. I have plenty of cisgender (non-trans) butch lesbian friends who would have something to say about that!…/trans-women-could-be-barred-from…

An unintended consequence of this ridiculous and harmful Government proposal (if there were ever a way found of policing it – which there isn’t), would be that ladies loos would be full of beards and bald heads, as trans men would be forced to use them.

Ms Badenoch could do worse than to check out what happened in the USA when the North Caroline “bathroom Bill” was introduced. Big corporations who have consistently shown that they are trans-inclusive, refused to do business there, and the state lost $3.76B as a result. Does she really want big business to pull out of the UK, while our economy is in the doldrums?…/north-carolina-economy-raleigh…

Polls have consistently shown that most voters are mainly concerned about the (dire) state of both the economy and the NHS and that they are hardly concerned at all about trans issues. What we are seeing here is a Conservative Party who is so desperate to cling onto power that they want to divert attention away from the massive damage they have done to the the country on the first two topics by stirring up a culture war on the latter one. These bigoted politicians don’t care that they are giving trans people a good kicking along the way.

The Nasty Party has just got even nastier and I fear they will get even worse on the run-up to the General Election next year. This isn’t about toilets or women’s safety. It’s about desperate politicians attempting to cling on to power. There wouldn’t be time to pass this law before the General Election anyway. It’s purely a tactical diversion.

I am disappointed by Sir Kier Starmer’s response to all this nonsense though. I suspect he’s trying to not get drawn in to this manufactured culture war, but in doing so, he has thrown trans people under a bus.

To conclude: There is no culture war between trans women and cisgender women. Trans women’s rights do not cancel cis women’s rights. And we just want a wee in peace, just as much as you!

#transrightsarehumanrights #TransWomenAreWomen #TransMenAreMen #NonBinaryIsValid

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