Katie is an amazing presenter and educator. Her event “What’s it like to be transgender and how can I support those that are” was an eye-opening, incredibly honest, engaging, fun and informative very inclusive experience, easily understood by both people new and intimately familiar with the topic.  Katie is very approachable and will answer any questions, no matter how difficult or controversial they are. By having this safe space, additional conversations sparked about parents with trans children, people in transition, non-binary, transgender, cisgender people…, everyone wanted to find out more how to break down barriers, increase acceptance and overall be a better ally.  As a Co-Chair of the UK&I Diversity, Equity and Inclusion council, I was delighted to host Katie in the office and virtually with our global team. The employee feedback was absolutely positive, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Katie for this crucial trans awareness training, mentoring and support.

Iva Kleiner
Co-Chair of the UK&I Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council at Biogen

We had the pleasure of Katie running a session on her journey to womanhood at our “inclusion themed” people team meeting.
Katie was extremely engaging with the team, she brought to life the facts and figures of the reality for most from the trans community and really challenged us around how we could be more inclusive. She did a fantastic job of creating an safe space where people could be free to ask questions and be curious.
She will also be running a similar session with our Executive team which I’m thrilled about!
Thank you Katie for all your insight and above all for just being with us for the day. It was such a pleasure to have you

Monique Samra
People Experience, Fuller, Smith & Turner

Katie delivered a powerful and informative Transgender awareness session to our global colleagues as part of our Pride celebrations at FNZ Group. Her “ask me anything” approach was very refreshing and created a safe space for our colleagues to explore the topic and in particular how to be better allies in supporting transgender colleagues.

Wendy Papworth
Global head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Wellbeing at FNZ Group

Katie gave a brilliant talk at one of our clients recently during Pride month. Mixed in with some of the hard-hitting facts about trans and LGBTQ+ rights and issues, was Katie’s humour around her personal journey and story which was such a lovely balance. Would highly recommend, thanks Katie!

Mark Briant
Founder of That Day

Katie’s approach to transgender awareness is very inspiring. Folks who felt they understood what it meant to be a transgender person confirmed they learned more than expected during Katie’s session. Katie is an amazing storyteller. Her humour is key to pulling her audience in and cultivates a welcoming feeling. Katie is very relatable and easy to get to know. We shared many stories and even a few laughs about parenting; kids say and do the darndest things!
Katie was very responsive and easy to work with. She was transparent about her schedule and was willing to make adjustments along the way. I highly recommend Katie as a speaker! Thank you, Katie!!

Allison Afano
Solutions Engineer, Vonage

I first saw Katie on a CIPD webinar and was so impressed by her authenticity, vulnerability and honesty delivered with such fantastic humour, that I thought I have to share this brilliance with my organisation. We had the pleasure of Katie talking to us on TDoV 2022 and she was so inspirational and encouraged so many of our employees to open up and ask questions, creating such physiological safety in just 90mins. I would highly recommend Katie to help people understand the world from a transgender perspective, not just by sharing her own personal story but also giving such brilliant advice on how to be allys and help raise the visibility of the transgender community. We see you, we hear you and thanks to Katie we now know how to be better allys 🏳️‍⚧️ 

Lisa McCandless
Culture & Engagement Business Partner at Premier Foods

Katie delivered a powerful, insightful and engaging session on her own personal journey and tips for being a trans ally. She is very open and honest about her own lived experience and has a unique way of telling her story and educating people in a humorous and uplifting way. Thank you Katie!

Kelly Godden
Senior Talent Professional, Ofcom

Katie attended our International Women’s Day panel at Virgin Media yesterday and what an honour that was. An inspirational speaker with a fantastic sense of humour that really shone through. Katie has been incredibly engaged throughout all the planning and a real joy to partner with on our IWD plans. In a very short time I’ve already learnt a huge amount from Katie and I’d really encourage others to take the opportunity with Katie to learn and grow.

Danielle Peel
Project Delivery Lead, Virgin Media O2

We booked Katie for a session of “what it’s like to be Trans and how to support those who are” for a virtual session.   She delivered the message with incredibly humorous storytelling yet very informative. She educated the audience in a way that put them at ease, was easy to understand and articulated beautifully issues which are often difficult to clearly explain.  Thank you Katie for agreeing to help us become more informed on the issues transgender people face and how we can help support them.  The session was fantastic, hilarious and most importantly extremely educational.

Adam Fenny
Financial Analyst at Biffa Polymers Ltd

Inspirational storytelling at its best. I was lucky enough to listen to Katie’s story and can open and honestly say it was incredible to hear.   I can honestly say it was eye opening, informative and inspirational to say the least.  What a journey you’ve had Katie. Thank you for sharing it.

Byron Jervis
Regional Community Wayleave Officer, Virgin Media

I’ve had the absolute privilege to listen to Katie’s story when she presented her “Long walk to Womanhood” session at CIPD as part of LGBT+ History Month – I can’t say anything less than that I am in awe of her. Katie’s story is simply incredible and her resilience, her resolve, her humility and such an uncanny sense of humour is nothing less than inspiring. Katie’s tips on how to be a better ally were a cherry on the top. I’ve learned a lot from Katie already and I am very much looking forward to working with Katie again and hopefully meeting her in person.” – Monika Michalikova,

Monika Michalikova
Finance & Operations Officer at CIPD

Katie is a delight to partner with. Katie provides an incredibly powerful and at times emotional journey with humour and courage. We have partnered with Katie for trans awareness training for the HR/ Leadership team and wider team and have been very impressed with the trainings. Looking forward to partnering in future for further policy insights and trainings. I highly recommend Katie and Cool2btrans.

Sarah Richardson
Talent Partner at Altruistiq

Katie came and spoke at RWS as part of our international women’s week. She was fabulous as always. Engaging, entertaining and honest. She makes her story and journey sound easy but of course it wasn’t.  We all came away knowing more. We are looking forward to having her back.

Mairead deBlaca
Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at RWS Group

The inspirational Katie Neeves FRSA delivered an amazing webinar for us at Central Co-op as part of the launch of our Trans and Non-Binary policy. Through humour and honesty, she shared her personal story on what it’s like to be transgender and she’s helped us to understand how we can all be a better trans ally. Thank you, Katie.

Naomi Smith
Inclusion & Wellbeing Manager at Central Co-op

I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few Trans Awareness Sessions with Katie and after each session I’m left in awe of her strength, Katie is so inspiring and hearing the journey she’s been on is incredible. Each session you learn something new that helps you to support your trans colleagues and become a better trans ally.
Katie creates a safe space for people to ask questions, giving you the confidence to be curious. Katie takes you on her journey, full of emotion and most of all she makes it fun, interesting and engaging. Thank you Katie for your open and honest approach. You are an inspiration.

Paula Jones
Head of People at Leighton

Katie delivered a brilliant talk to our company – she struck the perfect balance of educational, entertaining, and personal. Katie is an engaging speaker, who manages to explore complex topics in an approachable, humorous and easy-to-understand way, which is not easy!
I would highly recommend Katie to anyone who is interested in a thought-provoking and enjoyable trans-awareness session. We’ll certainly be inviting Katie back!

Zoë Heimann
Digital Account Manager at WE Communications

Katie is a great speaker, honest, engaging, approachable, brave and funny. Every person I have spoken to who saw her talk found it fascinating and thought-provoking. She shared her journey with modesty and openness. She is a great ambassador for the trans community and I felt that we understood so much more after we met her. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Sally Waterston
Joint Non-exec Chair of Waterstons

Fantastic speaker, honest, authentic, funny and a lovely person to know and work with. Katie spoke at our Women in Wholesale event themed Being the Best You and was voted one of our best speakers. Thanks Katie

Elit Rowland
Head of Communications for JJ Foodservice & Founder of Women in Wholesale
We had the privilege to invite Katie multiple times at Moixa to deliver her “What’s it like to be transgender?  And how can I support those who are?” talk.
Both sessions were incredibly well received: Katie humour, poise and radical honesty won us straight away.
Her story is engaging, powerful, masterfully told (she is a wonderful speaker) and full of deep insights about what it means to transition. Her top tips for being a trans ally are incredibly useful and easily applicable in day to day life, even by people not familiar with the subject.
We can’t recommend her enough.
Chiara Galli
People Manager at Moixa

Katie is what I want in a supplier, as someone that coordinates many moving parts when arranging our events.  Whenever I work with Katie she just makes my part easy as she simply gets on with it, in fact I’m going to go one further and she organisers me…! I’d recommend her to anyone needing an honest, straight talking, humorous, highly educated and knowledgeable person in her field.

Colin Hill
MD & Events Director at Chilled Events

Our enei members really appreciated the openness and humour used by Katie to share her story at a recent event.  She provided explanations of all things trans and her top tips for being a trans ally.  It was a highly informative session, which addressed member questions and encouraged the audience to consider how they could become more trans-inclusive. We hope to work with Katie again.

Kerry Kirk
D&I Lead, enei

I had the pleasure of working with Katie as part of our session during International Transgender Day of Visibility. Katie’s talk was incredible and received so much positive feedback from all those who attended.
Katie’s story is inspirational, honest and informative and the way in which she uses humour really helped make things more engaging and accessible on the day. The tips at the end of her talk were very relatable and practical and a number of my colleagues have said how helpful they were. Katie was also kind enough to over run a little bit as we had so many questions at the end of the session!
Katie was prompt, courteous and collaborative in the pre-meetings which made things run very smoothly on the day. I look forward to keeping in touch and thank you again!

Gareth Pullen
Head of Procurement, Corporate Services & Procurement Governance for Premier Foods

I was absolutely delighted that Katie joined us to share her story ‘Long Walk to Womanhood’. Katie was fantastic and her approach was open, honest and insightful. She shared her story with warmth and humour. Katie’s disarming approach enabled everyone to feel able to ask thoughtful questions without fear, helping everyone to learn and grow in their knowledge together. Katie is a sensitive, clear and thoughtful speaker. I feel privileged to have heard Katie’s story and the feedback from our staff was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you Katie for spending time with us. 

Liz Mills
Director of Education, Lifelong Learning & Culture at Surrey County Council

Surrey Children’s Services invited Katie to tell her story during an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion webinar. Katie presented so well. She was both honest and open about her journey, and was extremely inviting to staff, willing to answer any questions. Staff really appreciated hearing her story and I have no doubt it will help them look at the perspectives of others and through a different lens which is absolutely key when working with children and families. Above all, she gets the balance right in telling her story and being who she is. I cannot thank her enough and highly recommend her as a guest speaker to any event. 👏👏👍💚

Juliette Blake
Assistant Director, Corporate Parenting, Surrey County Council
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