Presentation to Leicester College – Video

I did a 20-minute presentation about my transgender journey at an “Inspiring Women” event at Leicester College this week. It went really well and I enjoyed it greatly. Many of the students had been watching my vlogs before I got there, so they already knew a lot about my story. They gave me a big cheer when I was introduced! They made me feel a bit like a celebrity. You could hear a pin drop in the room as I was telling my story, which is not bad for a room with around 50 people in it. I had great feedback too and they seem interested in getting me in to do some trans awareness training too.

Presentation to Leicester College

Presentation to Leicester College

Later, one of the event organisers emailed me to say “I was part of the event team that you attended this morning, just wanted to thank you for being so honest about your life it truly inspired all of us. Really appreciate you taking the time out to tell your story.” Also, here’s a video to show what some of the other audience members thought of my presentation:



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