I have been OUT OUT OUT today! I delivered my first in-person trans awareness session in 18 months, after being stuck with only virtual delivery all that time and it felt amazing.

I was booked by the lovely people at PPL PRS Ltd to talk to just 15 members of staff in a big room to make sure it was Covid-safe. However, they also booked a filmmaker to film the session and they had the guts to make it mandatory for all their staff to watch the resulting video. You have no idea how much this means to me and my trans friends.

So many organisations book me for a session during Pride month, Inclusion Week, LGBT+ History Month, Trans Awareness Week or Transgender Day of Visibility to a purely voluntary audience. The problem with that is that only the people who are already supportive turn up and the session doesn’t reach the people that it really needs to reach. In other words, they are just box-ticking. For companies to show they are serious about trans-inclusion, trans awareness training sessions must be mandatory for all staff. Thankfully, PPL PRS get that and have proved they are serious about it. They are leading the way!

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