National Diversity Awards 2024 Finalist!

WOW! I am stunned to announce that I have been shortlisted for the Positive Role Model Award for LGBT at the National Diversity Awards 2024. There were 90,000 nominations this year, so I am truly honoured get this far.

Thank you so much for everyone who voted for me and who wrote such kind words about me.  Here are some of the lovely things that some of the people who voted for me said, when asked why they voted for me…


Katie is an amazing woman . She is so passionate, she is an inspirational role model for the trans community. She works tirelessly to support all members of society and to support the trans community integrate into society and to be feel accepted just as normal people living their normal lives She has raised herself above and beyond to challenge differences and unjust behaviours by a very trans hostile community currently She has helped me with my journey as a parent of a trans son. She has really helped me to be a better parent to my trans son by giving me valuable insight and knowledge which has helped me to support my son more effectively so that he sees me as a Allie and can trust me to be there for him as he embarks on his gender identity journey I was incredibly impressed by the way in which Katie dealt with JK ‘s bullying and hate campaign and it’s incredible how she dealt with the huge amounts of hate on x and emails sent to her on her website Katie is extremely brave and she has had to deal with the level of hostility she has had to face these awful hostility professionally and with such dignity . She thinks of everyone else before she thinks about her own needs. Katie is currently in the early stages of grief after a loss of her beautiful mother and she is continuously reaching out and supporting others and her hard work deserves the higher recognition It’s through Katie’s visibility and being a prominent public figure that many others members of the trans community have had the courage to become true to themselves and have had the confidence themselves to start living their true lives .

Katie is inspiringly open and honest about her journey, people can learn a lot from listening to her. She is a brilliant teacher and speaker making a difference in this world

Katie is an inspiration, down to earth, incredibly intelligent and the friendliest woman!

I attended trained run by Katie and it educated me in a way that has left a lasting impact years later. She truely inspired me.

A great advocate for DEI and trans rights. She’s a true inspiration who works tirelessly to make this world a place where we can all be our true selves. Thank you Katie x

Katie works tirelessly to educate others.

She has opened my eyes to the trans world.

Katie has repeatedly shown compassion in the face of adversity, her energy and drive is infectious and she makes me want to be a better person

I think the work Katie does is beyond exceptional

Amazing, lovely, genuine, honest woman who advocates for her community with integrity. She did a talk for our workplace and was inspiring

Katie’s dignity and unstoppability is a beacon for transgender women everywhere.

Katie is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met

I first got to know Katie at the launch of Outspoken Speakers where we discussed on a 1-1 why she was there and what she intended to do with her platform. Naturally being part of the LGBTQIA+ community I was already aware of the amazing things Katie was doing with her lived experience but once I got to know her story a little better I was truly inspired by her courage in not only coming out to live authentically but more so how she was dedicated to helping people with their journeys by putting herself out there and educating people. Katie’s story really stood out to me because we all know what being in the public eye can be like. Cruel and scary even if you leave the house in a trackie. Katie risked it all to inspire and that’s why she is the most positive role model to me and so many!

I think this lady is very deserving of the award with being a fabulous ambassador for the LGBT community.

After rowling used her in her April 1st attack I was genuinely in awe at how amazing Katie handled the situation. She was amazing. Everything she has done has been brilliant and I don’t think I’d be who I am today if it weren’t for people like her.

Katie’s videos & positive energy has helped me through some rough times in the past, she shows such confidence & strength.

Katie is a role model. She makes it possible for others to have hope Her approach helps people from all different backgrounds understand the importance of accepting people for who they are inside.

Katie is a champion a woman who despite the challenges of society’s judgements and the personal impact of that advocates for the community promoting the rights and inclusion .For young people and their families she is a positive role model someone with lived experience who understands supports and works to change the landscape.

She does amazing work. She rises above sewer that is the trans deabte

Katie’s nomination deserves the very best Her wit and sense of nurture shines through in every quest. She’s caring, kind and thoughtful, of that there is no doubt Uplifting others’ spirits , if they are in ( the closet) or out. Her quest to teach with candour That trans ness can be cool Has brought a lot of haters out And they can be so cruel. But Katie’s kept her dignity, her humour and her poise, She’s kept the trans flag flying With grace and gentle noise. So please give this to Katie She’s deserving in her quest I’m hoping that she’ll win this ‘ cos she’s the very best!

Katie is the epitome of a positive role model for LGBT in all of the work she does to raise awareness, educate, support and mentor others.

Katie is a fabulous role model for trans women. Her honesty about sharing her own journey has been inspiring for all. Well done Katie

Always dignified, even in the face of the projected self-hate of others. Always standing up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Simply put, a wonderful human.

I heard Katie speak at our international conference last year. She impacted the room so much with her honesty and integrity that we invited her to become an honorary friend. Everyone was positively and emotionally impacted by her story, & we could all connect with her on some level. We feel that her presence will encourage those on similar life journeys to have courage, to be brave and get on performance platforms world wide. Fiona McLean-Buechel Scottish Representative British and International Federation of Festivals

Katie delivered training in my work environment and her warmth and humour and honesty was inspiring. Hopefully more people can hear her words and spread messages of positivity.

Katie continually demonstrates, to what is often a hostile world for the transgender community, that there is no hidden agenda and no threat from those who, quite simply (if only!!), want to be left to live their lives as their authentic selves.

ADLIB Recruitment completed the Trans Inclusion Training which Katie Neeves put together alongside Bobbi Pickard and others. It was incredibly effective, very accessible, and completely free. I’ve since followed Katie as a key influencer and role model in this space and now consider myself very much an ally. Katie is an inspiration and positive role model in every sense and thoroughly deserves this award 🙏🏼

Katie has been prepared to stand up for the trans community whilst it’s being mercilessly attacked from the powers they be. The hate and personal abuse she has suffered would have made most give me .

Katie is a very active positive role model and is constantly sharing knowledge and experience with others to educate and raise awareness.

Katie is a wonder and a joy. She is such a role model for showing such grace, forgiveness and patience in the face of prejudice. It is an awe inspiring and humbling ability. Katie came to our work and spoke so eloquently about her lived experience and the wider trans community. It was fab. I don’t feel that we cisgender folks deserve her vulnerability and humility and openness but I am so grateful to her that we have it.

A beautiful positive role model for being a decent human being, a teacher, an entertainer. Kind and funny, I feel really proud of katie and all she has achieved in opening peoples eyes to the humanity in us all. To share her experience as a transgender lady in a way that people can feel her. A beautiful light in the LGBT community and in the world.

Katie is has already achieved great things for the trans community particularly education individuals and commerce alike. She has done so in spite of transphobic aggression against her. She is an inspiration to all

Katie has been an amazing role model for the transgender community and for raising awareness and love and acceptance for all LGBT+ folk.

Katie works tirelessly to promote diversity, often at great cost due to narrow mindedness. She’s such a wonderful role model!

She is an inspiration, sharing her experiences and insights, providing training to educate others to show that trans people are just ordinary people who deserve the same acceptance and rights as all of us. It takes real bravery to do all this in the public eye, especially in the current climate where trans people are shamefully increasingly being mocked, maligned and abused by much of the media, certain well-known public figures, politicians and even the government. She is a brilliant role model, and so deserves her nomination.

Katie is a such lovely personality! Positive vibes, bubbly and outgoing personality makes her outstanding! Good luck, Katie. Sabina xx

Katie is authentic and genuine. A brilliant voice for all trans people and a real advocate for real change. I have the honour of having her not only as a colleague but also a friend. She has faced so much adversity while trying to be the voice of change for the trans community and although she is constantly attacked online it doesn’t stop her message that trans people are just people who want to live a normal life.

She is a star, an inspiration to our community, thank you for all you do Katie x

Katie and her work is the epitome of being a role model, and at a time when it is so needed in the trans space, and at a time when it requires such courage to stand up against the hate. She gets my vote every time Aime x

Katie is a brilliant voice for trans people, she is dedicated to moving our rights forward and educating people. She is a brilliant role model for the trans people and for all the LGBTQ community.

In an ever increasingly anti LGBT environment Katie has given me hope for better things to come. She has shown that it is possible to challenge the prevailing hostility with reason and dignity. Most importantly it is through Katie and her work that I have come to understand that power can exist in the margins and be used to positive effect. Thank you for all you do for us Katie.

Katie is an exceptionally brave and committed activist, who has been hated on by people with much larger platforms. She is kind, genuine and offers real insight into the lives of trans people in the face of such negativity. She is a stalwart and a beacon of hope for all trans people, myself included, as she is a peaceful, honest and welcoming trainer. Her work is tireless and she brings along the voices which would otherwise be unheard. I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of this award.

Katie is one of the most inspiring and impressive campaigners for the LGBT community and especially Trans rights. She continues to communicate her message in a humble, humourous and engagingly impactive way whilst also demonstrating incredible resilience. Her recent piece on Radio 4 in reply to JK Rowling is award worthy in it’s own right.

Neeves is such a brilliant ambassador. She’s sharing info in a wise,calm and understandable manner.

Katie is an incredible role model for both those who are trans and those who are allies. Her honest and generous nature is genuine, careful and accepting. She takes time to explain and educate in a patient and non patronising manner.

I am voting for Katie Neeves as I believe she has and is helping so many people who are struggling with gender issues. She has helped my daughter tremendously with feeling happy with who she is and helping anyway she can, which includes talking to my daughter and also me about problems and situations as and when they arise. I know she has done this for many other people as well. She is so confident and visible to the LGBTQIA+ community and has worked tirelessly to help people understand that trans people are just people. She is one in a million and deserves this award wholeheartedly.

I’ve known Katie for a long time as a trusted colleague and friend. She has always been hardworking, kind and reliable. I think she is doing a fabulous job as a role model for the trans community, lgbt and women and girls. She has to be resilient in the face of trans fobia on social media. I hope people will learn from her work that there is nothing to fear from people like Katie.

Katie is a fearless advocate of trans rights and inclusion more broadly. Her uniquely humorous approach bring even the most skeptical on board with trans inclusion. Her warmth, passion and humanity have helped so many to see that tran right are human rights.

Katie came to our workplace to speak. She is a wonderful, funny, self-deprecating but inspirational speaker. We all learned so much. She has become a friend and I feel so lucky to know her. She helped us all to understand how to be allies and how to protect and support everyone. She is a brave and clear voice of rationale and reason.

I am voting for katy as a positive role model as katy has always stressed the positive side of herself and promoted other good trans role models from within the trans community.

Katie is a wonderful inspiration and positive role model for the trans community. Her dedication and commitment to help others goes above and beyond.

Katie has done outstanding work for trans people everywhere- she deserves the greatest acclamation for all that she has achieved. This would be a fitting reward for all the outstanding work she has done.

Listened to a podcast gender nebulous when facing lots of people I know defending the views of jk Rowling on trans people, saying it is not transphobia. I am not trans but am an ally and lgbtqia+…. Felt comfort in the way Katie articulated hersekf and talked about misinformation and felt somehow easier not to just remain silent but to challenge people when they said misinformed things which I did

Katie has always been an inspiration for me in the D&I space… I have followed her work for many years

I whole-heartedly support Katie’s nomination. I was present at a business networking meeting when Katie shared her video. Her professional and personal courage was immense and I’ve followed her journey since. Katie now supports other people in a wonderful way.

Katie’s constant drive to make the world a better, safer place for all diverse people but especially those who are transgender is truly inspiring. Even with all the horrible things other people say and do to discredit her, she remains true to herself and show others they can do the same.

She’s made a huge impact on inspiring people to lobby for their human rights. She works tirelessly to improve the lives of the LGBQT community. Go Katie!!

Beautiful kind smart woman from the first time I met her and who deserves to win this special award

Katie is an amazing role model for all people, not just those who are trans. Her campaigns amid life in the public eye take courage and assertiveness, and Katie has both of these in abundance. She deserves this award hands- down.

Katie campaigns tirelessly for awareness. She us an amazing lady

Fantastic role model and advocate for the trans community. She is honest and a wonderful person. She really deserves this award for all the work she does in this field and for remaining steadfast and upbeat despite receiving thousands of hate messages.

Katie Neeves is an inspiration to all for her advocacy for trans people. Her grace in the face of hate and discrimination is truly admirable.

For her hard work, dedication and resilience in promoting transgender rights- and all too often against adversity but maintaining dignity

I have watched Katie’s journey from the beginning as I live and worked in the same village. The bravery of coming out and her progress since has been inspiring and helped so many especially the younger people and their families families with whom I worked. This nomination comes at an apposite time as Katie has had a rough period of social media confrontation which she has managed with a professional grace and determination which is to be greatly admired. She would be a worthy winner of this award.

A voice of reason and normality despite facing hate and abuse. She is so straightforward about her gender. More people should hear her.

She works tirelessly to make the U.K. a safer place for all, and after her unprovoked attack this year by JK Rowling on social media, and the way Katie has dealt with it, no one deserves more recognition than Katie. She is an inspiration.

Katie never ceases to amaze me- I first met her during lockdown not long I after her brave move to tell us who she really was and is. I learned a great deal from Katie when she presented to our CIPD brand event and since that time I’ve been back to her many times for guidance on Trans rights and how I can be a better leader in S E and I in HR. She is relentless in her quest for justice and more recently took lots of abuse from a well known author but such is her stoicism and bravery she stood tall and I for one believe she is one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure to meet remotely and I hope that one day I’ll have the pleasure to meet her in person. I am truly humbled by her presence and I just love her sense of humour and the spirit that it’s Katie Neeves – go Katie.

Katie is an inspiration to so many, and has helped me to be a better parent to my transgender daughter

She has worked hard , in adverse circumstances , and has been an excellent representative for the trans and LGBT+ community , within many different organisations. a person you can be proud of to represent you.

Katie is a great advocate for ambassador for Trans rights, and her behaviour when faced with personal attacks, was exemplary. She deserves this award!

Katie is so important as a high visibility trans role model, as we know trans people, particularly children are highly vulnerable & have a high suicide rate. Katie’s high profile & work to raise awareness increases acceptance & understanding and is vital in what is a very hostile time for trans people generally.

Katie fully deserves this award for all her work for the trans community

Because all women are women, and right now, our trans wonderful women are being targeted and invalidated all around the world, giving Katie this award will not only help her, but it will also help to heal some wounds of many trans women who need that reassurance and validation. Katie is such a brave woman, an inspiring woman, the best woman that deserve this award.

Katie’s Cool 2B Trans is a positive and enjoyable voice which gives trans people confidence in a sometimes hostile world and which will I think change attitudes for the better amongst the wider public.

One of the best talks I have ever attended. Katie is authentic and has the ability to make right all the wrongs in the world. Katie inspired me, a heterosexual women to know better, do better and demand better. I thought I knew and understood LGBTQ+, I understood very little in hindsight. Katie is clear communicated and champion for humanity!

The way Kate has responded to many messages of hate, with love and a dash of humour should inspire us all

Katie is inspiring to transgendered people of all ages, showing that it is possible to lead a successful and happy life in your preferred gender. It would have been easy for her to quietly transition and lead a quiet life but she has chosen to be visible in order to help other people.

I frequently read Katie’s LinkedIn posts and articles, and always find her honest, inspiring and unafraid to say the things others won’t, with a big dose of humour and humility along the way

An incredible woman who does amazing work for LGBTQ+ charities.

Impressed by bravery and commitment but also decency that Katie shows on social media platforms.

The perfect role model for tye community. Always graceful and always speaking and representing others with respect and kindness.

I have a little exposure to the LGBTQ and working with Katie has given me a deeper understanding of issues & concerns that are felt, Katie is approachable and allows me to ask any questions without me feeling guilty or stupid for my enquiries She is always open and informative with any answers and I love to be able to talk openly and frankly, with her.

Katie gave a brilliant talk at my company a couple of years ago and I’ve followed her on LinkedIn ever since. Her posts are inspiring – her positivity, openness and committed activism in the face of injustice and unwarranted criticism is incredible – and also a much-needed call to action to challenge the increase in anti-trans rhetoric, particularly for those of us who may have the luxury of being passive bystanders. Katy reminds us that real change is possible but we all need to play our part in that.

She is just such a fantastic support and advocate for what is currently the most persucuted lgbt community in the uk during 2024. Educating so many we are no threat or concern just ordinary people wanting to be happy.

There simply couldn’t be a better example of a positive role model for trans and non-binary people than Katie!

Positive trans role models are needed now more than ever as trans people’s very existence is somehow the subject of national debate.

Katie has time and time again given me hope and confidence to be me. Whether it’s her posts on X or when she can to my workplace to share her story. A true inspiration and someone I really want to see succeed and flourish. This award would be so well deserved. Thank you Katie for all you do and for who you are

Katie’s visibility & sense of humour are essential at the moment in such a hostile climate for transgender people. She is utterly inspiring.

Katie is an outstanding ambassador and speaker who despite receiving horrendous abuse from people opposed to her existence, manages to stay strong and be a guiding light for others in the community.

Katie is inspirational and gets the trans message across so clearly. She uses data and well-researched information to make the case for trans, and counters emotive argument with clear facts.

Katie is a fantastic person who deserves this because she is an ideal role model. I worked with her when at a PR agency in Birmingham and she was always a joy.

So impressed with the way Katie handles everything – especially negative and aggressive attitudes/ comments. She presents a calm response with well thought out arguments, doesn’t respond with anger therefore she’s a great role model.

AMAZING trans woman who fights with such strength and is a kind and caring woman A trans role model and a woman of courage

Katie is charismatic and down to earth. She makes others feel valued and touches people’s heart. She has great interpersonal skills which makes her unique

Katie has given me excellent advice regarding my child. She makes me feel confident in addressing everything in the future. I can ask her anything without prejudice and feeling stupid. She is one in a million

She is an icon for my community. With so many malicious actors denigrating our existence we need voices like Katie who are willing to stand up and be heard. I also came out at a similar age and it’s the likes of Katie who are there as examples and fighting our corner who gave me the confidence to be myself.

Katie is an amazing advocate for women’s rights and transgender equality. She is brave enough to be an openly out trans woman in an often hostile world. Her work publicly speaking about the challenges faced by the trans community is undoubtedly helping in the fight against transphobia in the workplace.

Katie serves as a role model for open and objective communication on the topic of transgender issues.

Katie consistently puts her head above the parapet and shines like a star no matter how difficult and uncomfortable it is for her! She’s an absolute inspiration and a role model to less confident trans people, in fact all people!! She is a shining example of be yourself no matter what, standing up for what you know is right and being an all round amazing human and giving so much to others

Katie is a wonderful person and role-model. She tells her story with wit and humour and really brings her audience n the journey with her as she recounts her story. Katie is a radio dj, presenter, speaker, advocate, photographer and writer. She advocates for Trans and non binary rights and demonstrates allyship.

Having met Katie in person I can honestly say she is one of the kindest, most thoughtful and intelligent people I have had the pleasure to encounter. Spending time with Katie, observing how she conducts herself with dignity, humour, and compassion while also being able to have fun with people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds, I can wholeheartedly endorse her ability to be a positive role model for LGBT , humility and humanity. She definitely gets my vote!

Inspiring and such an amazing role model doing fantastic work

Katie is a dear friend of mine, and has been an amazing advocate for the Trans community. She does this for love and to make a better future for those still struggling in a world of hate. She is a beacon of hope for all of us.

I’m impressed by Katie’s honesty and positivity.

After seeing Katie post through Cool2BTrans amd seeing some of her discussions with other advocates I grew the confidence to understand my own journey as a trans person. Their posts and experiences give me a lot of hope for the future of trans people. She is a brilliant role model not just for trans people coming out as adults but for anyone looking to learn about life as a trans person.

Amazing, inspirational woman and a true warrior x

Katie uses her voice with power to fight for what is right and protect those who need it The world needs more Katies and it would be a better place to live

To stay positive in extreme adversity is a gift. Well done Katie.

Katie is an inspirational lady on a mission. Having met her in person, she’s beautiful, friendly and engaging and I’m sure can educate those who need it. Hoping to book her at my work to do a talk soon

The extensive positive awareness she has given for our community. She is an amazing role model.

Katie is an amazing Advocate for LGBT.

She’s an inspiration

Katie has faced some terrible abuse on social media recently at the hands of JK Rowling but refuses to stop being a role model for Trans Inclusion. She speaks out, supports other trans people and thanks us allies. She is truly brave and worthy of recognition of the impact she is having.

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