Incredible Feedback

You’re an amazing speaker Katie. I’ve been sobbing for about 25 minutes! I’ll be chatting everyone’s ear off about this session for weeks I expect. Thank you.”

I received the above message after delivering a virtual trans awareness session this week to a large group of staff from IT infrastructure provider Softcat plc. 

During virtual training sessions such as this, messages often come in, but I rarely have a chance to read them as I’m always too busy answering questions, so I love it when my clients are able to capture the comments for me.  Here are some of the other lovely comments I received from this session…

“Thank you Katie, super educational, really personable and the right amount of humour too – super useful to hear more about how I can be a better Ally. hopefully soon the positive voices will drown out the hate” ​​​​​​​

“Thank you for an amazing talk Katie. You are an incredible speaker. I’ve been glued to the screen.”

“The way that you articulated the differences between sexuality, sex and gender was brilliant. I’d never really considered the distinction until today.”

such an inspirational session, really engaging and extremely interesting, thank you Katie and thank you for hosting Simon  ”  

“Fabulous talk Katie – thank you for your honesty. A brilliant and inspiring session.”

“Thank you! Really insightful and interesting 🙂 that’s helped me loads”

“that was absolutely amazing thanks so much Katie!!!  ”

Fantastic session Katie, really inspiring and interesting  ”

“What a wonderful and inspirational session – thank you so much for sharing Katie!!!”

“Thanks so much Katie – amazing session!”

“Thank you so much, that was fantastic”

“Thank you Katie that was really interesting”

“Thank you Katie, really appreciate you sharing your story – great session!”

“Thank you so much for sharing your story, so inspiring!”

“Thanks Katie that was really honest and insightful. Thanks for sharing.”

“Absolutely fantastic session, thanks Katie!”

“Thank you so much for that session, Katie – really sad I had to hop off as I was taking so much from it!”

“So enlightening, thank you so much for sharing your lived experience with us, Katie 🙂.”

Thank you Katie for the amazing session  ”

“Thank you Katie!! Such a great session hearing about your journey  ” 

“Absolutely amazing thank you so much katie! 💕”

“Thank you Katie, that was amazing!” 

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