Incredible Feedback for Virtual Trans Awareness Training

I recently delivered some virtual trans awareness training to staff at Surrey County Council and I have been blown away by the response to it.  I have just received these two recommendations via LinkedIn…

“I was absolutely delighted that Katie joined us to share her story ‘Long Walk to Womanhood’. Katie was fantastic and her approach was open, honest and insightful. She shared her story with warmth and humour. Katie’s disarming approach enabled everyone to feel able to ask thoughtful questions without fear, helping everyone to learn and grow in their knowledge together. Katie is a sensitive, clear and thoughtful speaker. I feel privileged to have heard Katie’s story and the feedback from our staff was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you Katie for spending time with us.” –  Liz Mills, Director of Education, Lifelong Learning & Culture at Surrey County Council

“Surrey Children’s Services invited Katie to tell her story during an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion webinar. Katie presented so well. She was both honest and open about her journey, and was extremely inviting to staff, willing to answer any questions. Staff really appreciated hearing her story and I have no doubt it will help them look at the perspectives of others and through a different lens which is absolutely key when working with children and families. Above all, she gets the balance right in telling her story and being who she is. I cannot thank her enough and highly recommend her as a guest speaker to any event. 👏👏👍💚” – Juliette Blake, Assistant Director, Corporate Parenting, Surrey County Council

Also, here are just a small handful of the lovely (anonymised) comments that were written in the chat…

  • “That was an amazing sharing. I have worked with young people in the process of changing their gender, I wish I had met you before. Will share and reflect in group supervision. Well done.”
  • “So moving, you speak so well and it is really powerful, thank you for sharing your story”
  • “That was incredible Katie. You are an inspiration to all and I hope anyone feeling how you did back then- can use your story as guidance and know that they too can be who they are and be proud of it! Thank you so much for today.”
  • “Thanks, Katie, for your honesty and bravery. You truly are an amazingly engaging and inspirational speaker.”
  • “This is really close in my life right now and very personal. I have listened to every word you have said Katie. You are fabulous. Thank you so much. I might contact you later xx”
  • “Thank you Katie, you are living proof that when we are being our true self we can be really happy”
  • “Thank you so very much Katie. Your humour and outlook are refreshing. I think you are an incredible ambassador for the trans community. Hopefully, we will continue to move forward in our ways of thinking.”
  • “Thank you so much for sharing, your journey and the way you have confronted your “unknown” has been extremely inspirational. In addition, I feel much better equipped now to positively challenge, and hopefully educate, family and friends are their views on transgender, thank you!! “
  • “Katie, great story, brilliantly told and an important message. Thank you”

If you would like some trans awareness training for your organisation please contact me to find out more.  i would love to hear from you!

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