I shared a stage with a bed!

I really enjoyed telling the story of My Long Walk to Womanhood today to over 100 Year 12 students (ages 16 to 17) at South Hampstead High School in London, today. I was invited to speak as part of their Pride week and they proved to be a superb audience. In my no-holds-barred Q&A after my talk, I was asked questions covering everything from toilets, to trans children, to sport, to prisons, to women’s rights, to the Gender Recognition Reform bill in Scotland and to more personal questions about how my family coped with my transition.

I delivered my session in the school’s drama studio and I amused to see a bed on the stage when I arrived. I was tempted to deliver my entire talk while reclining on the bed, but I chickened out and stood up as usual. I did wonder if the bed was there in case anyone fell asleep during my talk! Thankfully everyone was still awake by the end of my session, so the bed was surplus to requirements.

Although trans people are getting a real kicking at the moment, interacting with these intelligent and thoughtful young people gives me much hope for the future.

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