Global trans awareness training – helped by my cat!

My cat, Zebedee (the sleeping partner of Cool2BTrans) and I had the pleasure of delivering a virtual trans awareness session this week to employees of RWS Group who are based all over the globe.  RWS is a unique, world-leading provider of technology-enabled language, content and intellectual property services and I am honoured that they chose me to help them with their trans inclusion journey.

Thankfully, Zebedee behaved himself this time and stayed asleep throughout, although sometimes he has been known to jump onto the back of the sofa and to eat my hair!  

I received some lovely feedback after my session.  Mairead deBlaca, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at RWS Group, said in a LinkedIn recommendation, ”Katie came and spoke at RWS as part of our international women’s week. She was fabulous as always. Engaging, entertaining and honest. She makes her story and journey sound easy but of course it wasn’t.  We all came away knowing more.  We are looking forward to having her back.”

Here are a few of the comments that were written in the chat too:

– “Thank you so much for such an inspired session. I have learned so much and feel very privileged to have had this wonderful opportunity to listen and learn. Thank you.”

– “Thank you so much for an amazing session!”

– “Thank you so so much for this wonderful workshop!!”

– “Thank you for your openness and authenticity Katie, inspirational and helpful.”

– “I want to thank you again, Katie, for a very informative and interesting presentation. Love your humour xx”

– “Thank you so much for this great session, very enlightening and entertaining.”

Transgender Day of Visibility is fast approaching (31st March).  If you haven’t yet booked a speaker for an event that day, I still have some availability, so please get in touch.  I can’t guarantee that Zebedee will make an appearance though!

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Thanks for the Love!

I  am overwhelmed by the hundreds of supportive messages, texts, emails and phone calls I have received since publishing my coming out video four days…
Thanks for the Love!
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