Cool People: Robin Moira White

In the latest episode of Cool People I talk to Robin Moira White, a transgender barrister who’s recently written a book, “A Practical Guide to Transgender Law”, co-authored with Nicola Newbegin. Robin made history as the UK’s first barrister to transition while at the bar.

Robin discusses her trans journey, as well as her work on the landmark Rose Taylor vs Jaguar LandRover case, a case which saw Rose Taylor, who previously presented as male until 2017 when she started identifying as gender-fluid, win £180,000 from her former bosses after she had been harassed and discriminated against at her work. The case was seen as a huge step forward in the fight against LGBT discrimination, Robin said afterwards of the case, “Hopefully that will mean others may not suffer difficulties in the workplace as she did.”

Robin Moira White’s Chambers are and her book can be found at

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