BBC Radio Leicester Breakfast Show Interview

I had an early start this morning as I had to be at the BBC Radio Leicester studios for 6.45am for an interview for their Breakfast Show with Ady Dayman and Jo Hayward.  I have been interviewed many times by Ady and he has always been really positive and supportive, but it was the first time I have met Jo.  She was lovely too.  Very friendly and approachable.

They brought me in as an older transgender person to comment on their lead news item about a young trans girl called Paddy who is only 11 years old.  They played a pre-recorded interview with her and her parents and then followed it with my live interview.  I was able to tell my story in a positive and upbeat way.  I was hoping to reach out to other trans people who may be struggling with it, to show them that it’s OK to be trans and that you can enjoy life after coming out as being transgender.  Hopefully, I will have helped to educate the general public while they were eating their cornflakes too.

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