Arrrggghhhhh – I bottled it!

I’m feeling annoyed with myself today.  In decided to go flying as I have a share in a light aircraft and I like to go up for a blast around occasionally (although not nearly as often a I would like) and I was thinking of going up to the flying club as Katie for the first time.  This is a big thing for me as although there are many excellent female pilots, it’s still very much a male-dominated hobby and the flying club has a very blokey atmosphere to it.  The other three members of my aircraft syndicate have been very supportive, so I knew they would be fine and from what I gather, the majority of the members at the club are supportive of me too.  However, there are a few very vocal members with very strong anti-trans views who could make me feel uncomfortable.  I’m feeling annoyed with myself as I let the thought of what the prejudiced minority could say affect my decision about going there as me and I ended up going as Martin instead.  I’m kicking myself for bottling it now!  No-one in their right mind would choose to put themselves through this.

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