A True Transgender Pioneer

Some people have flatteringly called me a pioneer. I am not a pioneer. Please watch this video if you would like to see what a true pioneer is. It’s about the life story of Christine Jorgensen, the World’s first transgender celebrity.
Some people say that being trans is a fad or a trend. Even one of the less-well educated GPs in my local surgery told me that it’s a new thing. Well, if it’s a fad, a trend or a new thing, all I can say that this trend has been going on for a long time – nearly 100 years! The first sex reassignment surgery (as it was called then) was around 1927, but the then video editor for Pathe News, Christine, transitioned in the 1950s. She was the first trans woman to transition using both cross-sex hormone therapy and surgery.
Christine then went on to be a trans celebrity, educating her audiences with both wit and charm to get her message across. It’s sad to think that 70 years on, there is still so much fear and hatred of trans people based on much malicious misinformation. In 2020, there really shouldn’t be a need trans awareness trainers such as me, as there should be universal acceptance by now, but there seems to be more of a need than ever for the education that I and my fellow trans awareness trainers provide. If I can be half as successful at getting my message across that Christine was with hers, I will be very happy.
This is a truly fascinating story that is well worth watching, but as it is an amateur-made video, you will have to “tune out” the dodgy background music!
Christine Jorgensen was a truly courageous, eloquent and very glamorous pioneer. What a woman!
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