A Page 3 Girl at age 52!

There’s a double-page feature about my story in this week’s Chat magazine.  I made the front cover and even on page 3!  It has never been an aspiration to be a page 3 girl, but it’s another new experience to chalk up.
While the front cover headline is misleading, that doesn’t bother me, as having worked in the media for most of my life, I realise that headlines are just there to make readers intrigued enough to read the actual story.  The story was written by a journalist after she interviewed me, although it’s presented as if they are my words, so some of the words and phrases she used, I wouldn’t have used.  Also, there are a few small factual errors, but overall, I am very pleased with the feature as it’s both positive and supportive.  The journalist took a lot of care with my story and I am grateful to her for that.  I saw this as a great opportunity to present a positive trans story to a huge readership and it seems to have worked.  That’s not a bad way to kick off LGBT+ History Month in the UK!
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