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Katie gave a trans awareness talk to our HR group recently, and I am genuinely blown away by how impactful, engaging, accessible and funny she managed to make the talk.   It really was wonderfully presented, she had a great informal and engaging style, and Katie’s openness about her story and her experiences really enabled the group to feel relaxed and comfortable to share their own experiences and ask any questions.  Katie is a fantastic presenter with an amazing story to tell, and I genuinely haven’t laughed so much in a session full of HR people in all of my career!  Thank you so much Katie: I hope we get to work together again soon!


Michelle Hartley

Human Resources Director, Barrow & Parker HR Consultancy

Katie held a session with Stonewater, talking about “What it’s like to be transgender? “ and “Tips for being a Trans ally”.  Katie’s talk was inspiring, educational and entertaining.  She was engaging, honest and her use of humour in her story telling really enabled her to connect well with the audience.  The practical tips she gave on how to be a trans ally and also what companies can do to ensure their workforce is trans-inclusive were so helpful and I know that everyone who attended the session felt more informed and better equipped to support colleagues, customers, friends and family members going forward.


Maria Hathaway

Financial Controller - Business Partnering, Stonewater

Completely inspiring, educational and empowering!! The best webinar of the year (and during lockdown their were a lot of webinars).
Thank you Katie.


Shelby King

Human Resources Manager at The Bristol, Doyle Collection

We booked Katie for a session of “what it’s like to be Trans and how to support those who are” for a virtual session.   She delivered the message with incredibly humorous storytelling yet very informative. She educated the audience in a way that put them at ease, was easy to understand and articulated beautifully issues which are often difficult to clearly explain.  Thank you Katie for agreeing to help us become more informed on the issues transgender people face and how we can help support them.  The session was fantastic, hilarious and most importantly extremely educational.


Adam Fenny

Financial Analyst at Biffa Polymers Ltd

We asked Katie to join us on IDAHOBIT day to present a Trans awareness session to a key audience, from a number of different countries. Katie shared her very powerful story with candour, searing honesty and humour. There were some really useful tips in terms of how to create strong Ally/Advocate relationships and we will absolutely be asking her back to continue our education and awareness journey. The feedback from our employees was significant, with commentary such as “inspirational, educational and poignant” If you’re looking for an interactive, powerful speaker, please don’t hesitate to work with Katie. We’re delighted we chose to and look forward to working with her in the future.


Shelley Ferris-Smith

EMEA & ZIP Diversity & Inclusion Specialist at Zurich Insurance plc

We booked Katie to run two Trans Day of Visibility workshops for Virgin Media belonging networks. She was engaging, hilarious and amazing. Every bit of feedback we received from those who attended was beyond positive. I personally have never laughed and learnt so much in one hour! 


Chloe Rainford

Mobile Trading & Online Sales Graduate at Virgin Media

Katie delivered an engaging, inspirational and educational Trans Awareness session for ENGIE on International Transgender Day of Visibility. She connected with the audience, telling her own personal story with humour and heart and provided a safe space for people to ask questions. There were so many wonderful comments received by employees after the event. I would highly recommend Katie as a speaker.


Jennie Pitt

Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, Relations & Policy at ENGIE

Katie attended our International Women’s Day panel at Virgin Media yesterday and what an honour that was. An inspirational speaker with a fantastic sense of humour that really shone through. Katie has been incredibly engaged throughout all the planning and a real joy to partner with on our IWD plans. In a very short time I’ve already learnt a huge amount from Katie and I’d really encourage others to take the opportunity with Katie to learn and grow.


Danielle Peel

Project Delivery Lead, Virgin Media

Katie’s session was inspiring, informative and funny. I appreciated hearing your journey. It really helped staff to understand and empathise with your highs and lows and more importantly to see transitioning people as everyday people. I am confident that the tips you shared will help to improve patient experience. I’d definitely like to work with you in the future.


Maggie Morgan-Valentine

Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

Katie is a wonderful trainer, speaker and educator. She skilfully and warmly delivers presentations, talks, keynotes and discussions with a blend of heart, humanity and humour. Katie makes topics that can be complex and challenging into educational sessions were everybody learns, grows and feels a common sense of connection. All the best with your wonderful equality, diversity and inclusion work.


Rasheed Ogunlaru

Coach, Speaker & Author

An excellent session which was funny, moving and educational. Katie is a skilled speaker who really engages her audience. The feedback we have received has been incredible. Thank you Katie!


Mick Lawlor

Partner in the disputes practice at DLA Piper

I first had the pleasure of listening to Katie’s story back in May 2020 and since then have been on several calls since learning more about her journey.  Katie tells it as it is. The great and the really not so great times in her life, all of which have shaped her into the wonderful woman she is.  Katie’s story is powerful, emotional yet truly inspiring. I have learned so much how I can support not only trans colleagues but anyone who is in our LGBTQ+ community.  I really hope I can continue to be able to work with Katie and being the best trans ally I can be for anyone needing support on their journey.


Kerry Kell

People Environment Assistant, Virgin Media

I recently interviewed Katie for my podcast.  It was a masterclass in storytelling!  She made my job really easy by sharing her story in such an interesting way; clearly understanding the questions that my audience would have at each stage and responding accordingly. Thanks Katie!


Jo Dodds

Creator of POWER to Live more CALM

Katie has been a joy to work with for our session at Aviva. Katie talked to us about her own transition along with tips on good allyship. The session was really well received and we had lots of good questions and feedback. Katie’s sessions are filled with lovely humour making the audience feel at ease. I would love Aviva to work with Katie again and I can’t recommend her sessions highly enough. Thanks again Katie


Joanne Clifton

Legal Counsel, Aviva

Katie delivered a powerful, insightful and engaging session on her own personal journey and tips for being a trans ally. She is very open and honest about her own lived experience and has a unique way of telling her story and educating people in a humorous and uplifting way. Thank you Katie!


Kelly Godden

Senior Talent Professional, Ofcom

I had the pleasure of working with Katie on an online Pride event.  She’s one of the most articulate and entertaining people I have seen in this format.  Good humoured, well educated and a consummate professional. I would happily work with Katie again and sincerely hope we will. She’s very talented and I could see her presenting a talk show on a major TV channel.


Natalie Bowen

Vice Chairperson, Rhondda Pride

I had been following Katie’s journey for some time, I found her story not only inspirational but her approach made me connect and really want to work with her. I love Katie’s approach, she shares her stories with warmth, wit and stacks of humour. Her story really captures the challenges she has faced. After working with Katie you will truly understand why she creates game-changing noise about Trans Rights and the role that you play as an Ally. Katie’s mission to educate and push for real change is critical, she has found the perfect way to connect with individuals and businesses. Her work will change the way people think, behave and will ultimately change the world for sure. Katie is a true professional and a beautiful person with an incredible story to tell. I look forward to working with her again in the future.


Jo Major

Head of External Relations for The Association of Professional Staffing Companies

Katie provided a great Trans Awareness session to colleagues from emh group last week. People are still talking about how enlightening and informative it was. She also made it personal, poignant, accessible and, characteristically for Katie, good fun!

I highly recommend Katie as a Trans Ambassador to any organisation committed to equality, diversity and inclusion – if you are interested in learning more about trans issues, and how to be an inclusive employer, a learning and development session with Katie Neeves is a great place to start. Thank you Katie!


Joanne Tilley

Executive Director Corporate Services ay emh group

I just wanted to drop you a message to say how much I enjoyed your webinar on Friday , really insightful and also your sense of humour kept it so engaging. Will def check out your company to see if we can do any work together in the future.  Thanks Katie for me it was the most interesting webinar so far and definitely the funniest.


Emma Buckley 

Inspirational storytelling at its best. I was lucky enough to listen to Katie’s story and can open and honestly say it was incredible to hear.   I can honestly say it was eye opening, informative and inspirational to say the least.  What a journey you’ve had Katie. Thank you for sharing it.


Byron Jervis

Regional Community Wayleave Officer, Virgin Media

Katie spoke during Softcat’s Pride Month around the trans experience and how to be a better ally. Despite some technical difficulties on our side, Katie was personable, perspicuous and humorous, which culminated in a great educational experience for the attendees. I would definitely recommend Katie for similar events and will be looking to have Katie speak at Softcat in the future.


Simon Harrison

Commercial Solicitor at Softcat plc

Katie beings warmth, honesty and humour to any audience and is an absolute stalwart in driving inclusive and equitable conversation. I was delighted to have her agree to speak with Bought By Many / Many Pets and her approach was informative and accessible, and never preachy. I’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to any business or group wanting to understand more about trans awareness. She’s superb and definitely someone who can help businesses (and the world!) become more accepting and championing for trans rights. Highly recommended!


Jennifer Gabrielle-Chapment

Head of Talent Acquisition at Brought by Many

Katie delivered a fantastic session for the LGBTQ+ Staff Network at the University of Hertfordshire, as part of our Pride Month celebrations. Those that came to the event were all incredibly moved by Katie’s story and we were left with so much to think about and do. Her top tips on supporting trans people were incredibly useful, even for those of us in the community who think we are doing what we can. I took away so much from the event and recommend any of Katie’s talks to those, especially in the workplace.


Dr Christopher Lloyd

Senior Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire

Katie spoke at a University of Hertfordshire event. She was insightful, witty, and intelligent. I learnt a lot from her personal story and she was incredibly open and willing to answer questions. I would recommend Katie for any trans inclusive and understanding training.


Jo Baker

University of Hertfordshire

A colleague and myself joined one of The Happiness Index’s webinars on “How to create a safe space for the Trans community” where Katie was on the panel. We enjoyed her inspiring talk and delivery of it so much that we booked her in to speak at Made Tech a few weeks later. Katie’s story about her journey and ways of educating and encouraging more people to become/be even better allies was so great. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to educate themselves or others on this journey, and how to be a supportive ally.


Vikki Gill

People & Culture Manager at Made Tech

Katie asked me to give some feedback about our webinar yesterday, so I asked our diversity forum today and these are just some of the words/comments given: incredible, moving, inspirational, enlightening, empowering, lighthearted, relaxed, I learned a lot, I felt comfortable to ask any question such a great talk and super fascinating.  You have made lots of new friends here at PPL PRS and we hope you will visit us again soon… perhaps in person next time – Covid permitting! 👍


Louisa Starling

Strategic HR Business Partner at PPL PRS Ltd

Cool2BTrans - Katie Neeves - Trans Ambassador - Trans Awareness Training | Media Appearances | Public Speaking | Mentoring & Support
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Katie Neeves

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I am a woman on a mission! But not just any woman and not just any mission…

Being an openly transgender woman and a trans ambassador, I am on a mission to not only show that it’s OK to be trans, but it’s actually cool to be trans too!

Through my media appearances, public speaking engagements, blog, vlog, social media, trans awareness training courses and via support groups, my aim is to reach out to trans people who may be struggling with their gender identity, to reassure them and to lead by example. I want to help educate the general public too. The more people who are educated about trans issues, the greater the acceptance and the easier it will be for trans people to live their lives in peace. Most bigotry and prejudice comes from ignorance and fear of the unknown. Education can and does save lives.

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Cool2BTrans - Katie Neeves - Trans Ambassador - Trans Awareness Training | Media Appearances | Public Speaking | Mentoring & Support


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