21 ways to make the workplace more trans-inclusive

Ever wondered how to make the workplace more trans-inclusive?  Here’s how…

  • Encourage pronouns on email signatures & social media profiles
  • Mandatory trans-awareness training for ALL staff – If it’s voluntary, the staff who really need it won’t turn up and the culture will never change 
  • Buy-in at board level, as this MUST come from the top
  • Flexible transition at work policy
  • Gender neutral toilets/bathrooms
  • Sanitary bins in ALL toilets/bathrooms
  • Flexible (not “unisex”) dress code
  • Staff Pride groups & LGBTQIA+ events
  • LGBTQIA+ presentations within mainstream events (better than stand alone LGBTQIA+ events)
  • LGBTQIA+ posters, lanyards & email footers displayed to show there is a culture of acceptance
  • Statement of trans-inclusivity on website & on all job adverts 
  • Paid leave for medical appointments
  • Robust staff records system to prevent dead naming or outing trans staff members
  • Send out staff comms about discrimination and include it in the staff code of conduct 
  • Ensure trans discrimination & harassment is referred to in all equality & harassment policies
  • Support/mentoring/buddies for trans people
  • Support for families of trans people
  • Anonymised application process
  • Travel risk assessments – only send staff to LGBTQIA+ safe destinations & ensure safe transfer from airport to hotels and to work sites
  • Include gender confirmation medical treatment on company health insurance
  • Anonymous data collection and analysis to discover the protected characteristic make up of your workforce

Please contact me if you would like any help with your organisation’s transgender handbook, if you would like me to deliver any trans awareness training or if you prefer me to tell the story of “My Long Walk to Womanhood” to your colleagues.


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